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  • Summer Fruits

Another favourite. A lovely mix of fresh summer fruit flavours combined to make a really nice refreshing vape.

New Bottle Sizes





Please note: Nicotine shots are 10ml flavourless eliquids containing either 15mg or 18mg nicotine and are formulated to be used as mixers with larger 0mg bottles. This product is not designed to be vaped alone.


New size and nicotine shot ordering guidelines

Your 0mg bottle of liquid will be specifically made with just the right amount of room in the bottle to allow for the nicotine shot.

For 30ml 0mg - select 30ml / 0mg

For 30ml 3mg - select 25ml / 0mg  &  1 x 18mg nic shot (only add half the nic shot for 31ml / 3mg)

For 30ml 6mg - select 20ml / 0mg  &  1 x 18mg nic shot


For 50ml 0mg - select 50ml / 0mg

For 50ml 3mg - select 40ml / 0mg  &  1 x 15mg nic shot

For 50ml 6mg - select 30ml / 0mg  &  2 x 15mg nic shots


For 100ml 0mg - select 100ml / 0mg

For 100ml 3mg - select 80ml / 0mg  &  2 x 15mg nic shots

For 100ml 6mg - select 60ml / 0mg  &  4 x 15mg nic shots


Once you have received your eliquid and nicotine shots, follow these simple steps and you’re good to go!


Step 1: Add your nicotine shot your 0mg eliquid as stated above

Step 2: Shake vigorously until all of the contents are mixed completely

Step 3: Fill your tank and you’re done!

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Summer Fruits

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